Spell Me

SpellMe is a tool capable of doing various text conversions

Spell Me! is a small but powerful tool capable of doing various text conversion using one of built-in "alphabets" and converters. Most popular usage (and in fact the main reason this application was written) is to convert user entered text into so called phonetics alphabet.

Whenever you find necessary to spell someone a name or any sequence of letters, especially over the phone or other (usually) noisy media, you may find it might be much easier to spell it using, instead of official alphabet spelling, regular words that start with given letter. Such system is widely used by pilots or ham radio operators worldwide, but also police and other services and was proven to be readable and pronounceable by any person on the world, no matter of nationality or native language. For example if your party got problems understanding your "iaefg", especially when you call from loud train over noisy mobile. Spell Me will help - just enter your text, select converter and hit "Go". Then just read aloud "India Alpha Echo Foxtrot Golf" to your party - s/he shall then underdstand you with 100% accuracy!

Spell Me


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